The Poker Page RETURNS!!

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The platform we use is partypoker. Click here or on the image above and create an account. Once you have your username download partypoker for PC or App if you're playing on your phone.

Get 100% Up To £400 + £40 Free Play when you sign up and deposit! T&C's apply.

If you're a new player please input your username in the comments!

Don't worry if you're not that experienced in the poker world, or you're just starting to learn, our tournaments are a great...​

Community tournament $20k GTD + XBOX KO BOUNTY!

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We will be...

IN FOR FREE! This Thursday 7.30pm BST!

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This Thursday 7.30pm BST! First entry for everyone will be FREE!

Can you go all the way for nothing?

If you need to rebuy it will be £2 following the initial entry!
-------------------------------------------------------------------------- ...​

£1 entry round 3!! Cash prize draw for early reg! Dapper Laughs Poker League

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We are back Sunday in our league with Dapper Laughs, with Sunday's entry being £1!

Click here or on the image below to create your partypoker account & claim your:

£40 free-play bonus! 18+ Only T&C's apply.​


Summer Series with The Poker Page & FootyAccums!

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We’re delighted to be partnering with FootyAccums to host the Summer Series on partypoker!
The Summer series will offer all of our players the chance to compete for big guarantees and HUGE ADDED VALUE prizes with plenty of promotions and bounties in between!

Not only that… each of our Sunday Summer Series Tournaments will play in the Summer Series Finale which has £1,000 cash and £1,000 in prizes guaranteed too!
Standard partypoker & The Poker Page terms apply. Our tournaments are only available to players in...

The Poker Page League with Dapper Laughs! - Click here for more details!

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Following on from our last league with Stevothemadman, we have teamed up with Dapper Laughs for our new league with even more prizes added!! Keep an eye our for some special guests too! :geek:

It is meant to be fun, so please gamble responsibly.

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The platform we use is partypoker...

The Poker Page host GYTO poker tournament!

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Sunday the 18th of April with a 7.30pm start time The Poker Page host the second GYTO poker tournament!
A guaranteed prize-pool of £1000!
There will also be
2 x £25 bounties, we will pick 2 out of the first 30 people to register, if the bounty goes on to win the tournament we will double it to £50!

As you are able to re-enter within the first 12 levels if you are knocked out, bounties will only be credited to players who knock the bounties out first time. All bounty prizes will be credit after the conclusion of the tournament.

We will let you know the user names of the bounties towards the start of the tournament so you can keep an eye out!...​

AltsTogether x The Poker Page Tournament League

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AltsTogether poker league hosted by The Poker Page is now here!

The League will start on Sunday 21st of March.

$500 cash prizes in for the league final!

When can I register?

You can create your account today and put your username in the comments, tournament registration be open from Wednesday the 10th of March!

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How do I make an account?

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The platform we use is partypoker.[COLOR=rgb(184...​

The Poker Page League with Stevothemadman! - Click here for more details!

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As one of the first original online leagues we have tried to freshen things up as time goes on…
This league will be bigger than ever as we team up with Stevothemadman to giveaway more prizes than ever before!

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The platform we use is partypoker...

4 things I have learnt to AVOID while on tilt!

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There are plenty of articles and posts online about how to avoid tilt, this isn't one of them. Because truth be told, there is no avoiding tilt. When a fish calls a re-raise with 10 9-suited and beats your AK, keyboards are going to be smashed, bad words are going to be screamed and the chance of dying early from high blood pressure will rise ever so slightly.

It doesn't matter that you got it in good and made the right play. It doesn't matter that it's only a $5-dollar online tournament. It doesn't even matter that you were on the right end of a two-outer five hands ago. Because in that moment, that cruel, piercing moment of crippling injustice, you played well and got rewarded with absolutely nothing, while your foolish opponent made a terrible move and not only won the hand, but won a load of YOUR chips in the process. It hurts no more or no less each and every time.

So, tilt will happen. For the short-tempered among us it will happen a lot. For those calmer players it will...

Elements of a Home Game

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Elements of a Home Game

I wanted to regularly host a poker game that had decent stakes, a comfortable setting, no long drive to the casino, and friends to laugh with as we toss cards and chips around. It didn’t take long for disappointment to set in after I sent out a notice that I was having a game, only to have five or six buddies interested, and sending out the text explaining it didn’t justify a game.
It took time, trial and error, frustration, hard work, patience, and determination but I built up a game that I’m proud of. I found a fantastic formula for a quality home game. These are the elements I’ve found to be the most important.
The List
There is no point in trying to start a game without players to invite. This list should extend beyond a few poker buddies and friends that pretty quickly will get tired of donating their money and stop coming, save for the few die hard grinders. It’ll be necessary to search beyond the Facebook friend list...

The beautiful game in 2019!

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The beautiful game in 2019!

It’s Sunday night, I'm ready to do battle again, to prove my wits and conquer all. The strange thing is that it has echoes of last Sunday, and the Sunday before that, and the Sunday before that…

I go through the pre-match routine, chanting my mantras, tight is right, be patient, know your range…platitudes that keep me focused on knowing the big one is simply a click away. Enter the deposit details and we are off!

As part of the weekly warm-up, I watch countless hours of online material, lambasting bad plays, seeing final tables and thinking, I am one click away. However, I have a dull voice in my head which forever asks, what does it take, really? As a day job, I'm stats and sport based so I know the odds of adversity for those who wish to be elite are high, not just high, that’s an understatement, but close to impossible. However, I am being convinced through all these mediums about riding the waves, being consistent and the poker gods will one day...

2019 - I came, I saw, now time to conquer!

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I have been playing poker for 15 years now.

In early 2018 i did the most poker studying I have ever done of the game trying to decode it and it paid off.
I deposited $100 and started grinding 2nl cash eventually moving up to 5nl then 10nl.
I was also playing micro stake tournaments eventually moving up to low stake tournaments.
After a couple of months of hard work and strict bankroll management I had turned my $100 into $3000.
It was at this point I regret what I did and cashed out using the money to treat myself.

I never managed to get the bug back after that and I felt I lost the skill set that I had developed.
(side note bankroll management is essential)

On the 25th July 2019 I deposited $1000 and started grinding again playing 10nl.
I can't stress how much playing thousands of hands of cash will improve your tournament game so I started grinding 10nl and micro tournaments anywhere between $1.10 and $11, playing the higher buyins for my bankroll ($7.50-$11) occasionally...

Occupation/Job title: Unprofessional poker player

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I'm writing this thread because I'm on a journey of self improvement.
I'm hoping to get a promotion and in turn; a raise.

For a long time now, I have played poker and have been a (very) small winning player.

I play almost exclusively MTT's, a few SNG's here and there and have dabbled in cash games a little.

It's always been my dream, since I first heard of poker; to be a professional.
(As I'm sure a lot of you here, can probably relate to.)

My main problem in helping myself to get better at this game,
has been my lack of understanding when it comes to math and also some other stuff,
which I will come to at a later date, when I revisit this forum.

I came to a realisation a couple of months back, that I have been doing some things completely wrong
and perhaps more importantly; thinking in the wrong way about how I approach the game (and my life in general)
and as a result, the way I have chosen to learn the game.

Well no more. I have had enough of wasting my time, I can see...